Pray for Pastor Jacob

Lal Li Pui

Lal Li Pui

Here is a picture of one of the young men in our FWC congregation, Lal Li Pui, nicknamed “Puh Yah”.  He came to America in 2007.  He has had a steady job for about 4 months and was able to purchase a car a couple of months ago.  He is doing very well with his English.

He told me about a family friend, Jacob Rodawla, earlier this year.  I had the opportunity to meet Jacob and his wife for an hour or so in the spring.  Jacob has been in the United States for 20 years and is an assistant pastor at a Presbyterian church in Gaithersburg, MD.    Jacob was born in India and grew up in Burma.   He married a wife from the Chin province and then they came to the United States.  He is a leader among the Burmese who have resettled in the Washington D. C. area.  Pastor Jacob has been helping me to locate Burmese Bibles.

Puh Yah just returned from a vacation to MD this weekend and brought back additional Chin language Bibles from Pastor Rodawla.

I just found a great website for learning more about the Karen / Burmese culture.  It is a Karen Cultural Exchange.


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