2008 – The early days

I’m not going to do a year in review since you can just go to the end of this blog and work your way forward to get highlights of our times with the Burmese since May.  However, because this blog was created at the end of May, I will share some of the things that happened in the first half of 2008.

Knitting Lesson

Knitting Lesson

At the beginning of the year, Kay worked with some of the women to equip and teach them to knit.  They all started with scarf projects.  But soon it was too warm for scarves.  Kay still  has a few scarves for sale by the SEA  (South East Asian) Creations knitting group.  Let her know if you want to look at the inventory and buy or commission a piece.

During the month of January

Van Boi, Tin Hnem, James and baby Moses

Van Boi, Tin Hnem, James and baby Moses

our whole church was also involved in fervent prayer for baby Moses.   He was born prematurely in December ’07 and struggled with life for about a month.   I know Moses is now in heaven, but I miss him.  I guess I would say that those days of shuttling Van Boi and Tin Hnem to Baptist hospital were the time that God deepened my commitment to minister with the Burmese people.  Red and Becky Carter were also very instrumental in getting the family to the hospital on a regular basis.

dsc02687John Brand and Eddie Green arranged and organized a Burmese bowling outing in Greensboro at the Gate City Lanes.  The folks at the bowling alley were very friendly and gracious.  The Limpachs, the Sigelins, Inthisanes, Tom Gray and the Mills were there to help size shoes and select bowling balls.

Eh Htoo and Eh Lay Kler at the Kanawa River in Charleston, WV

Eh Htoo and Eh Lay Kler at the Kanawa River in Charleston, WV

Eh Htoo

and Eh Lay Kler, Van Lian, Stiven, and Nyein all joined me on various road trips during the spring.   It was great to have the company and learn more about the lives of these individuals.

Pastor Inthava asked Kay and I to work on teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in November 2007.   We began a Sunday school class and worked at how to best teach the Burmese English.

Nyein Aung Translating for ESL

Nyein Aung Translating for ESL

At first we did heavy interpretation.  Without Klo Say and Nyein we could not have had those early lessons.  But in the summer Beth Limpach worked with Kay and they developed an immersion system of teaching ESL.   Today Betsy Greer, Marcia Jobe, Gary and Kay Mills, Marie Shaw all assist Kay as she prepares awesome ESL lessons each week.

In April John Brand organized a game night for the Burmese at the church.   We used room 106 and had a potluck dinner and an evening of games, prizes, Bingo and checkers.   Toothpaste was a well received prize.   Several FWC care groups as well as American and Lao individuals  got involved in making the evening a success.  img_1081img_1044
The children’s ministry at First Wesleyan has had to flex and adapt to a significant increase in students as well as discover the most effective way to teach the non-img_1074aEnglish speaking children about Jesus.   Within a school year many of the children are understanding and beginning to speak good English but the first days are hard.   Sherri Jennings has been a great leader with Ed and Carolyn Winslow, Joe Stallings, Diane Brown and many others in the preschool and nursery ministries have really been a blessing in ministering to these children.  img_1884
I won’t take space to show you pictures of the deer that was hit in front of my house and became dinner for many Burmese in High Point.  You can image the picture of James eating a strawberry he just picked at Ingram’s Strawberry farm in High Point.   And many of the other memories are written on the hearts of the folks who have gotten so involved with the Burmese this year.  There are still opportunities to enjoy new experiences beside a southeast Asian friend.  Contact Pastor Inthava about how you can be involved with the Laotians who are ministering to these new arrivals in High Point.

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Jesus is first and foremost in my life. He is above all religions, principalities and powers. In everything He must increase and I must decrease. Into the hands of Jesus, God has placed life and death, truth and purity. strength and meaning. Only in a growing understanding of the triune God, and his son Jesus can I do, breathe, exist and serve. I have a Bachelor's degree in Bible from Vennard College, a Master's in Social Science from Azusa Pacific University and a Ph. D. from Ohio State in Family Relations and Human Development. I am an ordained pastor involved in cross-cultural ministry. I am currently employed at several colleges as an instructor. If you need to get in touch with me, just leave a comment, I screen all comments and so you can leave further contact information which I will erase before it is published. -John

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