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I am working at learning names but continue to discover the nuances of titles with Burmese names.   This weekend I talked to Po Kwah Kyi and heard him refer to himself as [Poe Kwah].  I asked him and he said the Kyi [Jee] is a title meaning “older brother”.   I called him this because I learned his name from his younger brother who is currently a high school student  in Indiana.

Poe Kwah, Trained to be a Teacher in Burma

Poe Kwah, Trained to be a Teacher in Burma

Saw Phillip  is another Burmese friend.  The Saw in his name is actually a part of his given name.  Usually “Saw” appended to a name is like our title for Mister.

Philip Saw

Saw Philip

Last year we had a 60 year old man attending the church name Sao Taw Oo.  This variation of “Sao” is a title of respect given to older men.  I would hear people actually call him Mr. Sao Taw Oo.   But last month while visiting,  I noticed his friends in Tennessee now just call him Taw Oo.    Kyaw Eh Zu and Kya Eh Zu are the same person.  In his case, Kya [jah], is used more like Master in our culture, meaning young man.

Eh Zu

Eh Zu

I believe Moo is a title for a young girl, and Paw may be a title for a mother.    Sometimes titles are at the end of names and sometimes at the beginning.

Most of the Burmese have a single name composed of several syllables but it is often arbitrarily “americanized” by health, relief agencies and other workers into a first and last name.


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