Poe Meh Arrived in July

Poe Meh, Ree Reh; Beh Reh & Boo Mo the couple

Poe Meh, Ree Reh; Beh Reh & Boo Mo the couple

Poe Meh came to America with her two sons and daughter-in-law.  In her Karenni culture the women often have names that end with Meh and the men, Reh.     Some of the Karenni (red Karen) men have two names.  The dominating culture they lived in was Karen so they might also take on a Karen name as well.  When  it came time to come to America they decided on a name to give to the United Nations.  So if you see a Karenni (also known as  Kayah), with a name that does not follow this pattern it may be a second name.

As with all the Burmese I have met, this family does not have a last name.  They are similar to people in Bible times that had only single names.


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