About Kay McMurphy

Kay McMurphy is fulfilling a dream to teach.   Kay [Kleman] grew up in Salem, Oregon.   Her family lived across the street from their church and next door to the elementary school.  Her father was a Northwest Bell lineman, and now even in his eighties is still an active outdoorsman.

Kay accepted Christ as her Savior when she was 8 years old and grew up wanting to be either a misisonary or a pastors wife.  She went to Vennard Bible College in Iowa where she studied music and Bible.   Through the years Kay has shown a passion for reading and a strong interest in literacy.  She began teaching piano and did so over the course of 10 years.  She met her husband John McMurphy and they were married while they were still finishing school.  Ten years later Kay went back to college and finished a Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Sciences from Oklahoma Wesleyan University (Bartlesville).

Kay gave birth to Jason and Nathan and with her husband, John, raised their two sons.  Through the years Kay taught children in Sunday school at First Wesleyan Church of High Point, and thrived in the classroom.

About twelve years ago, Kay began to think of an empty nest career.  She enrolled in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro seeking training as a reading specialist.  While she was still finishing her Master’s Degree, Kay began teaching special needs children how to read.  Kay continues to teach at Noble Academy in the elementary level working with children having ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities.

On Sundays, Kay co-founded and now is a key leader of an adult ESL class at First Wesleyan Church in High Point.  This class of 45 Burmese refugees is a challenge and opportunity to minister in Jesus name.  Here are some pictures of Kay teaching in the Burmese ESL class:

  1. Aletha Sheets

    Hi, Kay,

    My name is Aletha Story Sheets and I was also raised in Salem. My dad was a Pilgrim/Wesleyan pastor and my husband, Jim, and I were married there in 1952. I know a Ken Kleman and my sister, Becky, went to school with his sister whose name I can’t recall at the moment! Did you live near Highland School and what was the name of the church across the street from you. We now live in Greensboro, having retired from the Wesleyan pastorate.

    I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

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