About John McMurphy

My name is John McMurphy.   I am an active member of the First Wesleyan Church of High Point, NC.  I have the privilege of working with our Lao congregation and Pastor Inthava Inthisane.   We are currently involved in resettling a number of refugees from Burma.    I am a retired minister of the Wesleyan church and served under the Chesapeake District.    I am currently an instructor at Liberty University in VA, Randolph Community College in Asheboro, and Guilford Technical Community College in High Point.

My wife is Kay McMurphy.   She is an elementary teacher at a private school for children with learning disabilities.   My sons are Jason and 2013-12-22 10.13.20Nathan McMurphy.  Jason has two sons.  He works for Geico as a recruiter in the NE US.   Nathan is married to Kimberly and they have 3 daughters and a son.  He is a youth pastor in Florence, SC

Here is a picture of my wife and I, Christmas 2013.

I have a bachelors degree in Bible from Vennard Bible College, a masters in Social Science from Azusa Pacific University (southern California), and a Ph. D. from Ohio State University in the field of Family Relations and Human Development.

  1. Dad have I told you how proud I am of you as a man of God. I love to read the stories of your ministry that has been put in your heart

    • Jason, John Wesley enjoined Christians to ask “Did I consciously or unconsciously create the impression today that I am better than I really am?” I wanted to say, I am just a weak vessel. I find myself a sinful man, subject to fear, anger, temptation, and disappointment. But it is often in my “doing” things for others I find Christ ministering to my “being”.

  2. Melody Hennessee

    Hi John,

    Do you know if any of the Burmese boys or girls are really great at soccer?

    I am wondering if any of the youth (boys or girls ages 9-13) would be interested in trying out? Dace and our son Kenan are very active with the Guil-Rand Youth association and they are having try-outs for the challenge league league (which is a step up in skill level from the recreation league) in about a month. They practice at the Hartley Drive YMCA in High Point and they have a terrific coach named Eduardo Ulluoa, who is from Peru and played on the Peruvian National Team as a youth.

    If someone makes the team, Dace and I would like to help them with expenses.

    This came to mind because I remember at the church picnic 2 years ago that some of the boys were kicking around the soccer ball with Kenan, and I thought some of them were very good.

    It’s just a thought. Please spread the word. The flyer is below…


    Fall 2010 – Spring 2011 – Challenge League
    Try-Outs Monday May 24 at 6:00 PM at the Hartley Drive Family YMCA soccer fields, 150 West Hartley Drive, High Point, NC.

    Are you ready for the next Challenge in Soccer?
    Come Out and Try Out for the Challenge League Soccer Program. Coaches will conduct player skill assessments. All players will be informed whether or not they have been chosen within 3 days. There is no cost to try out at GRYSA.

    How much does it cost to play in the Challenge League?
    Guil-Rand offers the least expensive Challenge Program in the 11 county Triad Challenge League areas. The approximate costs are:

    Registration Cost
    Fall and Spring Teams 9 yrs – 13 yrs old $ 180.00 per player
    Fall only 14 yrs – 19 yrs old $ 120.00 per player
    This fee covers registration with GRYSA, NCYSA, YMCA, YMCA field dues
    And player insurance
    Your team must turn this fee in no later than Monday June 28, 2010.

    Team Fees (approx.) $ 100.00 per player.
    This fee pays for NCYSA team performance bond, referees, tournaments…
    This amount will vary from team to team. It depends entirely upon the
    number of players on each team, and a team’s choice to play in tournaments.

    Uniform Cost (approx.) $ 40.00 – 60.00 per player
    Returning players with current GRYSA Challenge uniform design will
    not need to purchase new uniforms. All teams must use the NCYSA approved
    GRYSA Challenge uniform colors of sky blue and white.

    All fees will be collected by your team manager and paid to GRYSA.

    Please feel free to direct your questions to:
    GRYSA Executive Director Pat Hunt 336-880-2067

  3. We have jobs at Perdue here in Rockingham, housing and we have English instruction on site 4 days a week for adults and children. We have many community activities and opportunities here. Were hoping to attract many folks that would like loyalty and stability for themselves and thier families. Anyone can contact Susie at jordancw0169@gmail.com for any information.

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