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James just Got Here

This week a young man arrived from Myanmar.  His name is James Phun Lung.  He is married and hopes his wife can join him here soon.  He is Matupi Chin and is related to some of our folks.  He is a nephew of Thang Tlang and a cousin of Steven.  James’ father is a preacher in Burma.  He has two brothers who may come soon via Malaysia like he did.   James and I were able to talk together in English.   Marcia Jobe learned he had repaired air conditioners when he was in Malaysia.


Spring is in the Air

We had a balmy Saturday and that has prompted many families to want to start their gardens.  In our region they say to wait until April 15 to plant most of the garden vegetables.   In fact this week we are supposed to have another freezing night.   However between yesterday and last week Soe Doh, his brother, Awngah, and Bye Bye have helped deliver compost  to six different families.    Three of the families. Cha Dah, Cal Lay Ve, and Kyaw Eh Su used to live in apartments on South Academy and have now moved to single family homes in town.   The last family we delivered to yesterday was Hla Win Kyi.   They just moved into a house on Enterprise (near Grace Church).   Here are some pictures:

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Hlah Myint

This week the Burmese fellowship of First Wesleyan had a real treat in that Rev. Hlah Myint of Yangoon Myanmar came for the weekend to teach and preach to the congregation.  Rev. Hlah Myint, nicknamed Pastor “Nehemiah” is traveling around the United States on a 6 month visa.  He is a leader of the Baptist church in Myanmar.  After he leaves High Point he will minister in Charlotte then will fly to Maryland.   Our guest was hosted by Zarni and Rose and the Saturday Bible teaching was in the home of Thang Tlang and Hlamay.

Rev. Hlah Myint

To all my Fishermen Friends…..

Yes Klo Say, Nyein, Eh Htoo, and Hla Win Kyi, these fish are almost 3 feet long and were just 8 feet from me in the water.  They are salmon in the upper Willamette River near Eugene OR. In the picture below you will see one of the fish trying to leap to another level as they have been climbing a fish ladder.  These fish were hatched in this area, went out to the ocean for several years and now have come back to spawn another generation and then die.  An additional blessing of our vacation, besides seeing family, has been the cool weather here in Oregon, we have worn sweaters in the morning.

New Service Features Emerging Talent

Sunday, Zu Zu took some pictures of the new Karen worship service for me.  July Paw has been serving as the keyboardist, a variety of people have sung, prayed, testified and read Scripture.   One Kiss is the preacher.  Below is a picture of July Paw and even Zu Zu was involved in singing a special number.

Isaac’s Dedication

Baby Isaac, the child of Sang Bik and Zar Poe was dedicated last Sunday.  This is their second child.

Nay Lay Brings his family to High Point

Nay Lay and his family arrived in High Point a month or so ago.  He is the son-in-law of widow Pywae Mae.  Dah Mu Poe is the wife, August Paw is the oldest daughter and Joe Pa Paw is the other daughter.

Congratulations to Home Buyers Thang Tlang and Hlamay

Last week Thang Tlang and Hlamay made an offer to purchase a house in High Point and it was accepted.    My friend, Rick Oak, met with the family and along with Roi Ji, a translator guided them through the process of making a successful offer.   They are currently wrapping up the financing package.  The home they are buying is in the neighborhood of about six Karen Burmese families and close to First Wesleyan Church.   Across the street is the home of Eh Le Say and his brother Chit May.   The closing date is about 60 days away.

Sunday Bible Dedication

Today our church learned about Saw Ler Phaw‘s work on translating the Bible.  Saw Ler Phaw and his family are new Karenni Burmese arrivals.   After news about a Bible distribution and a dedicatory prayer by Pastor Paul Coates, Hla May Pray read one of the Sunday morning scripture lessons from the new Bible.   Thae Rey received a symbolic Bible on behalf of 350 Karenni Burmese who live in Lumberton, NC.

Here is a copy of a handout distributed to the First Wesleyan Church congregation.

Adoniram Judson

A biography of the life of Adoniram Judson was written by his son Edward.  Judson was a pioneer missionary to the Burmese .  His biography is available at this link.

Naw Tari Htoo Getting an Apartment

Naw Tar Htoo arrived with her mother and daughter last spring.  The mothers name is Naw Do Htoo, and the daughter’s name is Law Ku Phaw.  Pastor Inthava Inthisane has been working on securing housing for these ladies. Now after a long period of temporary housing with friends and relatives this family group will be getting their own apartment near the High Point Library.  She is a cousin of One Kiss’s wife, Naw P Day. I

n other words the older ladies on both posts are sisters.

God let me see a glimpse…

It’s not my story anymore, it is what God is doing, but I have a snap shot of James Sai Ruma talking to some of the Kayah (Karenni)  leaders in Lumberton.  I also caught a glimpse of this new ministry.

Nearby Lumber Bridge is the location of a chicken processing plant that employees over 150 Burmese.   Currently 350 Burmese (Kayah) live in Lumberton, and many are secondarily migrating there from all over the nation (Washington state, Massachusetts, Oregon, and etc).

James Sai Ruma and Two Lumberton Karenni Leaders

When James called me last week he said David Walters (my son’s father-in-law) told him to talk to me about the Burmese in High Point.  James is a pastor in the Evangelical Methodist Church (EMC) denomination and so is Pastor Walters.

[My Baptist family joined the EMC when I was 10 because of the local congregation’s work with teens (there were 5 teens in my family at the time).  I was sent to Bible school by that church and was first ordained by them in 1976 in Wichita, KS at their general conference.   I served a couple of their west coast congregations and pastored one of their churches in eastern Oregon.   In 1979 I moved to the east coast and joined the Wesleyan denomination. ]

James is in the United States on a 60 day tour with his denomination to determine how the migrating Burmese people are doing.  He and Rev. David Hayes spent some time with me last week in town and I mentioned the Lumberton situation.   We began to brainstorm about doing a preaching mission with James in Lumberton.

On Wednesday several pastors and leaders of the EMC met in Lumberton, on a fact finding mission to determine what they might do in Lumberton.  They found that James Hardy (an employment contractor for Mountainaire Farms) had available facilities for a meeting, local Karenni were available to help with music and Karenni community leaders were very open to having a worship service led by James.

Monday, July 5, the EMC will hold a preaching mission in Lumberton.  The nearby Raeford EMC will be able to offer strategic support.  Pray for this service.  Pray for God’s future direction.

Van Boi Thang

It was a great joy to see Van Boi and his family.  We caught up on news and celebrated with them, the purchase of their new home.   Some of the wedding party were guests at his house over last weekend.   Their new son is named Peter.

Van Boi, Tin Hnem, James and Peter with Kay and John McMurphy

James Sai Ruman

I met James today.  He is an Evangelical Methodist pastor in Burma and is visiting the United States for 60 days.  He has three churches he serves.  One is a mission to Burmese (capital city) Buddhists and one is a mission to Karen Buddhists.

We had a chance to fellowship with a number of our High Point Burmese families, he discovered a first cousin in High Point (Cung Pen Lian) and found more distant cousins (Van Lal Vena).  He is Mizo Chin.  Some of the children we met are sending back DVD’s with him to their grandparents.  He has his own office and and e-mail account in Myanmar.   Here is his picture.   Pray for him and his ministry.  >Flash Forward>>>

Rev. James Sai Ruma

Sold!!! God has Plans We can’t Conceive

Three weeks ago Sarah Frith, a member of the First Wesleyan Church Outreach class, posted a note in their class newsletter that she and her brother were selling a house on Lowe Street.   Kay and I drove by and looked at it from the outside and were very impressed.

I stopped by to see the Peng Len Thakbal family and told them about the house.  (Peng Len is one of the lay pastors that often preaches in the Burmese language service that meets in Room 224 of our church.)  I called Sarah and discovered this was the very home in which she grew up.  I told her that the Thakbal family was interested in looking at the inside of the house and so we made arrangements to do so.

Peng Len Thakbal and Nu Nu

Meanwhile Sarah had committed this matter to prayer and sought the prayers of the Outreach class regarding this inquiry.   The Thakbals, who are great prayer intercessors, called upon God for His leadership and guidance in this matter.   Over the last two weeks, with the help of Roger Richardson and Rob Boles (High Point Bank, Eastchester Drive) we were able to obtain financing.

The great news is that last night everybody signed a contract to purchase the house and began the purchase process.  Thank the Lord for He is good.    Check back in a few days and I will post some pictures.

Frosintina, Christina, Peng Len, Joshua, Bi Bi, Nu Nu, & Deborah (12/08)