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Maung arrived last Friday

We want to welcome a single adult who arrived last Friday to join our High Point community of Burmese.  He is Karen and his name is Maung nicknamed “Moan Moan”. DSC00465


Plan Seng Ing Tang Bau is One Year Old

Yesterday there was a birthday party in the Burmese fashion celebrating one year for Plan Seng Ing Tang Bau.   Community families were invited, food was prepared, singing was heard (click here to enjoy part of one song) and the Bible was preached.  Congratulations are in order for La Zawng and Mun Ra Marip and their daughter, a Kachin family in High Point.

Wesleyan Ministry in Myanmar

This guest post is an e-mail from Morris Liana, President of Union Biblical Seminary in Myanmar.  It turns out that Rev Liana used to be the pastor of the Lal Nan Sanga family.  This is the first Burmese High Point family that I know about that had been Wesleyans prior to their arrival.

Dear Pastor John,
Sonia and I are so glad to hear that you have some 3 Mizo families at your church. If we could know their names that would be very helpful for us to pray for them. Lord willing, Sonia and I are planning to come back to US some time in September and if things are going well we wish we could visit your church and meet with our Mizo families.

We are busying with our ministries in Myanmar. Currently our Union Biblical Seminary (UBS) has 57 full-time and 4 part-time students (total 61) for this academic year (June 2011- January 2012). The UBS was started in 1999 and within this past 11 years we have had 290 graduates. Out of the 33 Wesleyan pastors in Myanmar 28 of them are our seminary graduates; out of 37 Wesleyan inland missionaries to the Buddhists 27 of them are our graduates. We thank God for His wonderful works through our ministry.

UBS Class Begins

UPS students having dinner

We also have Galilee Children Home (orphanage) with 31 orphans, which my wife Sonia is leading. All of them are in the school, except the two little boy and girl.

Please pray with us that we may continue the Lord’s Ministry in Myanmar successfully.
Here are some pictures for your information.

Together we can make a difference!
With kindest regards,

Morris and Sonia Liana (Remlalliana)
President of the UB

Galilee kids before going to school

Galilee Kids going to School

Galilee construction

Galilee New Kids

Morris Liana – Wesleyan Leader in Myanmar

Morris Liana Family

This is the family of a Wesleyan leader in Myanmar.   He and Sonia have 5 children:  Nancy, Sweet, Joseph, Moses and Awmte.   This family is Mizo Chin.  He graduated from Asbury Seminary in 2005.

Getting those names right!

The other day I spent some time with Clement and Ka Di Thang arranging for some car repair.   Ka Di Thang  called Clement, Mane [mah nay] and so I asked him about this name.  He said this is a nick name.  He and his wife Mary work at the Townsend chicken plant in Siler City.  However Mane is currently at home recovering from a sprain and bruise to his right arm and wrist.

Another person who works in Siler City is K’naw Bawh [kay nah bawh].  I had been mispronouncing his name but as I spent time with my friends I heard them say it the correct way.  He is one of the pastors of our Chin worship group.

New Outfits for the Holidays

The Burmese teaching team at First Wesleyan Church were honored with gifts of Karen (Burmese) clothes from the Pa Klay and Gree family.  Here is a picture of the workers posing with the clothes.  On the right is Roger Richardson, then Gree, Marcia Jobe and John McMurphy.  Roger teaches beginner ESL, Marcia advanced ESL and John teaches a Bible study for English speaking Burmese.

They traveled from a Far Country

Clement and Mary have been in the US for a few months.   They have not yet landed jobs.  We went and saw Christmas lights together the other night.  Clement tells me he completed university training in Myanmar before fleeing the country.   Clement is fluent in English and his wife does very well with this new language as well.

Clement and Mary, December 2010

Clement and Mary are from Mindat which is in the southwest corner of the Chin state of Myanmar.

Burma with Chin state captioned

Myanmar in context, between India and China

Ma Aye Kyi is a new Driver

In the last couple of weeks I have learned of several people who have finished their training and obtained their drivers license.  Nu Nu, Char Lay Htoo, Cing Cing, and Ma Aye Kyi are all recently licensed.  Being able to drive will help all these people in caring for the needs of their families.

Ma Aye Kyi, wearing the red sweater in the picture below, is the mother of three children, Thah Way, Sar Sar Oo, and Toe Win.  She is also one of several widows among the High Point, NC Burmese refugees.

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Clement and Mary-New Arrivals

About a month ago Clement and Mary arrived from the Chin state of Mindat. They are the first people to arrive from this southeastern area of this state in Myanmar.  Clement and Mary were given Christian names in their village. Bumana is Clement’s Burmese name.  Clement speaks English very well, Mary is also doing well in her English studies.  While looking for work they attend GTCC.

Some Faces at the Church Picnic

Last Sunday FWC had their church picnic.  Here are some of the participants.

These Chin boys decided to wait in the longer line for the American picnic food.   They said they can get Asian food all the time.  A couple of the fathers tried the ham and said  this is good.

This is Ka Hten, he is a grandfather who attends our church.  He has been in America for a couple of years.  Although he works nightly in Rockingham cutting chicken, he is a tailor by trade.   Shortly after he arrived Mike and Wendy Cornell donated an industrial grade sewing machine to him and he is skilled at sewing and repairing fabric.  His wife remains in Asia, being reluctant to leave the familiar land.  He lives with his son-in-law’s family, Maung Ei. During this past year he got his license and is now a driver,

This is Ka Htoo.  He has been in the U.S. with his family for 2 years.  He has seen his two older sisters get married, and his just older sister attend the FWC children’s camp.  He is enjoying his day at the park.  His brother, Lu Eh Say took this picture.   Both these boys have done well with their English.

Mun Rah Checked Out

On Wednesday Mun Rah gave birth to their baby by Thursday noon we took this picture of her checking out the High Point Hospital.  The babies name is Pan Seng Ing Tang Bau.   Here she is waiting with the baby, Bibi, and a hospital volunteer as the proud father, La Zang gets the car.

Pan Seng Ing Tang Bau

Van Lal Vena

I looked for a picture of Vena on the website and didn’t see it so here is one taken May 10, 2009.   Vena has a steady job, has learned to drive and has a mini-van to haul around his family.    He is Mizo Chin.  The Mizo are a people that live both in India and Burma.  They speak the same language.  A lot of border Chin people speak Mizo.

Van Lal Vena, Lal Ram Zuai (mother), Lal Ruat Sanga (older son), Lal Fak Mawia, and Van Lal Duata

Welcome Home, Kae Say Paw Family

This Karen family of seven, made it out of the oppression of Burma, to the Thai refugee camp.  They were processed as refugees by the UN and prepared for immigration.  When they arrived in the United States the widowed mother, Kae Say Paw and six of her children found themselves in Michigan.  The oldest daughter, Se Eh Doe Htoo arrived in Atlanta, GA.   About four months ago they migrated to High Point, NC and  now reside on Rotary Drive (about 2 blocks from FWC).   We’re glad you are here.   All of the family members are pictured here except a 19 year old son, Moo Doh.

Kae Say Paw (mother on right): Seh Eh Doe Htoo (eldest daughter on left), Esther, Kus Say, Gree Doh (all daughters), Eh Myh (older son), Poe Tu (youngest son)

Late breaking news is that the mother landed a a 3rd shift job at the Purdue Chicken Processing plant in Rockingham.

Chin Baby Dedications

At the beginning of the Sunday morning service Silas and Mercy were dedicated by their parents.  Here is a link to an earlier post.  Here are some pictures:

Ka Di Thang, Sang I with Mercy; Sai Pu, Dawk Men with Silas

Mercy Being Dedicated by Pastor Inthava

Silas being Dedicated by Pastor Inthisane

‘Tis Mercy All

Sang I gave birth to Mercy Rai Sein on Sunday at 6:00 pm.  The little girl was 7 lbs and 4 oz, 19 1/2 inches long.   This was Ka Di Thang and Sang I’s first baby.  It was delivered by C-section.  Mother and baby are doing fine in recovery at High Point Regional Hospital.

Rai Sein was chosen by a grandparent in Burma and means flower in the Chin culture.

Merch Rai Sein