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Nay Lay is Here

In case you think you read this before, you may have.  This is the second father who has arrived who is named Nay Lay.   Our newly arriving family has 8 children, we managed to round up six of them for the outdoor photo on Sunday.   Eh Htoo captured a second photo later but we still didn’t have every.   The other day we dropped off a 50 pound bag of rice from the First Rice drive and now we say welcome to America!  Here are the names of the family members:  Nay Lay (father), and Poe Now (mother).  The oldest four are sons and the youngest 4 are daughters.. Lay K’lor (not pictured), Taw Nay (18 years), Hsi Ku (15), Hto Ki Haw (13), Koka Maung (11, daughter), Poo Htoo (10), Poo Kyi (8) and Poo Pleh (6).



The first of two children’s camps was last week and the second is going on now.  Several of our Burmese children were enabled to attend these camps through the scholarships provided by the Outreach Class.  Thank you Jerry Farlow and class.

Frosintina made a quick trip to High Point last weekend so that Joshua would be back in time for camp.  Grandma Nu Nu got to see the baby for the first time.  Frosin Tina has some great pictures of the baby on her Facebook page.

Klo  Say with Nelson and Nyein with June will join the FWC father/son camping trip for the Aug 13th weekend.

A Burmese (province) preacher is going to be in the area next weekend.  He will speak on Saturday night at the Chin home cell group and Sunday morning in the Burmese language service at FWC.

One Kiss’ son. Ku Lu Taw, had a choclear implant (in one ear) and is learning to hear for the first time.

We have had 4-5 newly arriving refugee families in the last two weeks.

Lea Rey and Zu Zu are going to try to meet with Dace Hennesey about some work this week.  He helped Da Htoo get a job a few months ago.

Klo Say preached in the Karen language service this past Sunday.

Max Inthisane stepped in to preach to the Laos congregation while his father was away a few weeks ago.  But Max says it was not preaching but just a “teaching”.

Bibi Thakbal will start classes at GTCC on August 22.

Great to get back from vacation and get in touch with my friends once again!

To all my Fishermen Friends…..

Yes Klo Say, Nyein, Eh Htoo, and Hla Win Kyi, these fish are almost 3 feet long and were just 8 feet from me in the water.  They are salmon in the upper Willamette River near Eugene OR. In the picture below you will see one of the fish trying to leap to another level as they have been climbing a fish ladder.  These fish were hatched in this area, went out to the ocean for several years and now have come back to spawn another generation and then die.  An additional blessing of our vacation, besides seeing family, has been the cool weather here in Oregon, we have worn sweaters in the morning.

Displaced Families Have to Flee

My friend Nyein posted this picture on Facebook this week.  He took this in Thailand a few years ago and it was a scene he saw repeated again and again.  This young lady with her aged relative on her back. had to flee her home in Burma to avoid rape or death at the hands of the junta controlled military.   They traveled as fugitives through the jungle until they could get to the safety of Thailand.   They were in extreme danger then and many still face this danger today. 

Nyein got his Green Card!!

On Sunday, Nyein shared with me some good news.  He got his green card.   Nyein has been in the U.S. for five years as an invited guest of the American government.   Since they had relocated to NC from their arrival in Texas, he has struggled with getting his green card but now it has arrived.

Usually when refugees arrive in our country they have an I-94 form for the first years until they can get processed for their green card.   Our people in High Point have to make a trip to south Charlotte for screening by a contractor of the Dept. of Homeland Security.  They have to pass health requirements and wait for several months before they receive their green card.

Now that Nyein has his green card he can begin studying to be a citizen of the U.S. and in four years can take the citizenship test and be sworn in as a citizen of the United States.   What an opportunity for a man who came to the U.S. to let his children have a country they could call home.

When Nyein shared this news with Roger Richardson they did a high five because Roger had been working with Nyein on this for the past year.

Nay Lay Brings his family to High Point

Nay Lay and his family arrived in High Point a month or so ago.  He is the son-in-law of widow Pywae Mae.  Dah Mu Poe is the wife, August Paw is the oldest daughter and Joe Pa Paw is the other daughter.

The Nan Lian Khup Story

Nan Lian Khup has come to America ahead of this family.  His wife and children are awaiting him getting settled in the US.   Soon he will seek refugee status for his family and they will come to America.  He has 3 children, the youngest, he has not met yet because he had to flee from Burma to save his life.

When Nan Lian was a young boy his father became one of the first people in his village to convert from animism to Christianity.   Eventually his father became an evangelist.  As a result of this change the demons attacked Nan Lian (the son) and struck him unconscious for several days.   When he finally came around his speech was slow.   Over the months and years Nan Lian Khup was very self-conscious about his speech impediment.  He was the first person in his village to have such a problem.  Some of this neighbors even talked about him and laughed at him.   During those days Nan Lian Khup would go out into the woods alone with God and pray for his healing.  God did touch him with a measure of healing but this was a traumatic thing that had happened to him.

Later as a young married man he was living a backslidden life, often drunk.  A group came through with an all home evangelistic outreach.  After sitting under the preaching and teaching in his home, Nan Lian Khup rededicated his life to the Lord and became and totally committed Christian.

When the military started working through the Chin province, subjugating the people, Nan Lian had to flee to Malaysia.  He worked there driving heavy construction equipment.  He made one short trip back to the his Zo village in the Chin province of Burma but had to flee again.  He later got word that his wife was expecting a baby.  He has not yet met his new child.  He came ahead to the US to try to get established and hopes to bring his family soon.

We are praying for this family as Nan Lian has found out his wife is facing a hysterectomy.  He is sending money from his wages to his wife to pay for this surgery (about $1000).    He is studying to get his Bus Driving License but already has a steady job at the High Point Hospital.

The above was written in June of 2008.  Now Nan Lian Koop has been joined by his wife and children and they have a home on North Hamilton

Toe Reh and Family are Here

A new Karenni family arrived in High Point about a week ago.   Here are the family names:

Toe Reh – father

Nway Meh – mother

Pray Meh – daughter

Naw Shar Ro-daughter

Naw Shar Too-daughter

Taw Reh – son

The naming convention in this culture is to have Reh in the male names and Meh in the female names.

Below is a picture of the father, he is in the middle, looking toward his right.  Toe Reh speaks Burmese and Karenni.  This was the first ESL class he attended.

Ma Aye Kyi is a new Driver

In the last couple of weeks I have learned of several people who have finished their training and obtained their drivers license.  Nu Nu, Char Lay Htoo, Cing Cing, and Ma Aye Kyi are all recently licensed.  Being able to drive will help all these people in caring for the needs of their families.

Ma Aye Kyi, wearing the red sweater in the picture below, is the mother of three children, Thah Way, Sar Sar Oo, and Toe Win.  She is also one of several widows among the High Point, NC Burmese refugees.

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Boats, trains and Kayaks

The City Lake Park offered a variety of diversions for the First Wesleyan church family during their annual picnic.

Above is Vena beside his sons near the front of the train.   Pictured immediately above is NeCe, SaiPu with his daughter, Dom Hlei Sung.  Next to Sai Pu is NuNu.

Moving on back in the train is Lily with a couple of her Sunday schools tudents.


Gree Daw with her son Ka Htoo


Heading up the back of the Train is Sang Awi, a neighbor beside him and his son, Chan Cung Thang behind him.

The boat tour was a lot of fun and consisted of a number of Burmese, a Laotian family and a Dr. Karen Bernard with her family.

An American FWC family brought along some kayaks.   We had one Karen adolescent, Lu Eh Say, try it out.   He said he had been to the park before with some friends to go swimming in the pool.

Naw Tari Htoo Getting an Apartment

Naw Tar Htoo arrived with her mother and daughter last spring.  The mothers name is Naw Do Htoo, and the daughter’s name is Law Ku Phaw.  Pastor Inthava Inthisane has been working on securing housing for these ladies. Now after a long period of temporary housing with friends and relatives this family group will be getting their own apartment near the High Point Library.  She is a cousin of One Kiss’s wife, Naw P Day. I

n other words the older ladies on both posts are sisters.

Future Citizens

I would like you to meet three young children, who with their families are striving to make a home in America.   They follow virtually everyone else in the country today whose families have come to make this land their home.  Their full names are Lydia Van Dawt Sung, No Mi, and Van Dwat An.

Lydia, No Mi & Van Dwat

Sold!!! God has Plans We can’t Conceive

Three weeks ago Sarah Frith, a member of the First Wesleyan Church Outreach class, posted a note in their class newsletter that she and her brother were selling a house on Lowe Street.   Kay and I drove by and looked at it from the outside and were very impressed.

I stopped by to see the Peng Len Thakbal family and told them about the house.  (Peng Len is one of the lay pastors that often preaches in the Burmese language service that meets in Room 224 of our church.)  I called Sarah and discovered this was the very home in which she grew up.  I told her that the Thakbal family was interested in looking at the inside of the house and so we made arrangements to do so.

Peng Len Thakbal and Nu Nu

Meanwhile Sarah had committed this matter to prayer and sought the prayers of the Outreach class regarding this inquiry.   The Thakbals, who are great prayer intercessors, called upon God for His leadership and guidance in this matter.   Over the last two weeks, with the help of Roger Richardson and Rob Boles (High Point Bank, Eastchester Drive) we were able to obtain financing.

The great news is that last night everybody signed a contract to purchase the house and began the purchase process.  Thank the Lord for He is good.    Check back in a few days and I will post some pictures.

Frosintina, Christina, Peng Len, Joshua, Bi Bi, Nu Nu, & Deborah (12/08)

Lat Ring, Born Last Monday

Phon Shin and Zisar are the proud parents of a baby boy born on May 24th.  Here is a picture of mother, baby and older sister (Noa Mi Sar).  Phon Shin works at Toyko Express on Westchester Drive.

Providence Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday a couple in the Providence Wesleyan Church in Archale hosted an Easter egg hunt at their farm in Thomasville.  Here are some pictures of Cal Ve, Nin Nin Yee, Eung Wing See and Than Than  Tee enjoying the party.

Cal Ve, Nin Nin Yee, Eung Wing See, than Than Tee