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Welcome Tui Moe, Sui Him and David Thung

Kyaw Win’s brother and family just arrived this week.  Here is a picture of them at church this past Sunday morning.

Welcome them when you see them.


Sung Sung has arrived in High Point

Cung Pen Lian “Liana” has a sister who has arrived in High Point.  Her name is Sung, with a nickname of “Abor”.  She is fluent in English and arrived just this past weekend from the Chin State of Myanmar via Malaysia.  Welcome to America Sung.

Sung Sung 2

Evangelist Saw Van Zing Preaches in High Point

Today the Chin congregation were ministered to by Saw Van Zing.  She is a Chin evangelist who lives in Sidney Australia.

A church in Midland, TX brought her to the states.  Then she ministered in Dallas.  Next she went to Rochester, NY and then Glen Burnie, MD.  Today she was at our church and tomorrow she travels on to Kansas City.   It was a privilege to have her stop on her tour to minister to the FW Chin congregation.

2013-09-01 11.54.43

Welcome So Rey and Sue Mey Family

Another cousin of Saw Leh Pah arrived this past week.  The father is So Rey and the mother is Sue Meh.  They have two daughters.  They are living on Wise near So Rey’s mother and two brothers.  2013-06-09 12.01.38 A

Phrai I Reh and Su Meh

Last weekend Saw Ler Paw, his daughter and I went to Greensboro visit a Karenni family because of concern about their situation.   We were delighted to meet the father Phrai I Reh and found that although he has chronic aches in his joints, he does have mobility and is getting about for shopping and ESL training.   After our visit with Su Meh (who works with Saw Ler Paw in Rockingham) and Phrai I, we also met several other Karenni families in nearby apartments.    When we asked these other families if they were going to church regularly they said not very often.

Phrai I Reh, Bu Reh (son) & Su Meh. (not pictured Me Reh, 5 yrs old)

Baby Shower for Paw Yaw

The baby (boy) is coming any day (Dec. 18).  Last weekend Enjonae Anderson hosted a baby shower for  Paw Yaw, the wife of Savy.  Here’s a picture of the expectant parents.

La La and Shrang, Been here Awhile

I must have been busy when they arrived but La La [Lay Lah] and Shrang (left) are two Chin brothers who arrived about two years ago.   La La works at High Point University and his brother attends Central High School.  It is great to have them in our community.

Shrang (left) Lay La (right)

Saw Leh Paw Got a Job Closer to Home

Since Saw Leh Paw arrived he has worked in Lumberton (2 hours from home).  He has just changed jobs and will be working in Mocksville, about 45 minutes from High Point.   The fellows working at the Townsend’s chicken plant in Mocksville face a bit of uncertainty as we have heard the plant is up for sale.  Pray for Saw Leh Paw and his friends who live in Winston Salem and who work there.

Before Saw Leh Paw was paying rent for two homes, one in Lumberton during the week and one at home.  Now he will be at home with his family every night.   Here is a picture of him with Klo Say participating in the morning Karen service at First Wesleyan.

Isaac’s Dedication

Baby Isaac, the child of Sang Bik and Zar Poe was dedicated last Sunday.  This is their second child.

Sunday Bible Dedication

Today our church learned about Saw Ler Phaw‘s work on translating the Bible.  Saw Ler Phaw and his family are new Karenni Burmese arrivals.   After news about a Bible distribution and a dedicatory prayer by Pastor Paul Coates, Hla May Pray read one of the Sunday morning scripture lessons from the new Bible.   Thae Rey received a symbolic Bible on behalf of 350 Karenni Burmese who live in Lumberton, NC.

Here is a copy of a handout distributed to the First Wesleyan Church congregation.

Can you help us think of a Bible name?

Last night Sang Bik, Zar Poe and I traveled to Greensboro to look at Christmas lights.  While traveling there Sang Bik said,”My wife and I are going to have a baby boy in February.  Can you give us some Bible names for him?”  So we spent the rest of the trip brainstorming Bible names.  A couple of the names caused them to want to learn the spelling and to write them down.  Want to know what they were?  Stay tuned……

While traveling in the car I had the BBN Christian station playing traditional Christmas carols.  Every once in a while Zar Poe beginning singing along with the music.  In the Chin state of Myanmar, many of our hymns have been translated into their language.  I remember one of them she sang was In Excelsis Deo.

Learn how to make this Christmas one you will remember in a totally different way.  Click here!

The lights we viewed were the high flying tree light balls that fill a neighborhood near the Friendly Shopping Center.  Last weekend Sang Bik had helped me put a few up in my tree so I wanted them to see this display. Flash Forward… the baby’s name suggested by an uncle, Isaac.

Paw Kyet Yaw Arrives

Savy’s wife, Paw Yeh Yaw arrived on Thursday, 10/14.  They have a house near College and Green St.  It has been nearly 3 years since they were together.

Boats, trains and Kayaks

The City Lake Park offered a variety of diversions for the First Wesleyan church family during their annual picnic.

Above is Vena beside his sons near the front of the train.   Pictured immediately above is NeCe, SaiPu with his daughter, Dom Hlei Sung.  Next to Sai Pu is NuNu.

Moving on back in the train is Lily with a couple of her Sunday schools tudents.


Gree Daw with her son Ka Htoo


Heading up the back of the Train is Sang Awi, a neighbor beside him and his son, Chan Cung Thang behind him.

The boat tour was a lot of fun and consisted of a number of Burmese, a Laotian family and a Dr. Karen Bernard with her family.

An American FWC family brought along some kayaks.   We had one Karen adolescent, Lu Eh Say, try it out.   He said he had been to the park before with some friends to go swimming in the pool.

Caught a picture of Stiven and family

Stiven, Christina and their baby are doing well as evidenced in this picture.  Stiven is the son of an evangelist from the Chin state of Burma and Christina is from the Karen state.  They have been here in the US about 3 years.

Welcome Peng Uk Lian and Sui Hlei Cer

This couple have been here for a couple of months but it has been hard to get a picture.  They are one of our High Point Chin Burmese couples.

Peng Uk Lian and Sui Hlei Cer