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Burma from the Sky

I have shown maps of Burma on this website.  I would like to teach you how you can look at satellite pictures of Burma.

1.  Open Google and click on maps.  I have circled it in blue.

2.  Click on the satellite choice on the right side of the screen.  It is circled in blue.

3.  Find the zoom tool (circled in blue) and click it once or twice to see how it makes the map larger or smaller.

4.  Put your cursor on the satellite image (United States), hold the left mouse button down and drag the mouse to the right.   This will move your satellite image west toward the Pacific Ocean.

5. Do this a second time and you should be able to center Myanmar in your map.

6.  Use the zoom tool to magnify the portion of Burma (Myanmar) you wish to view.  It will enlarge to show you details of your previous village.  Enjoy!

Triad Schooling for Refugees

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jake Henry, the Principal of the Doris Henderson Newcomers School of Guilford County.  The Newcomers school was conceived by the district as an transitional setting for new arrivals in the United States.  Most of the Burmese refugees who arrive in our region that are of school age attend this school for one full year of immersion ESL and support before starting at their designated Guildford County Public School.

Here is some of the information I have been trying to learn and understand over the last several weeks about education in our community.

1.  If a child is not yet of high school age, the school district will test them and try to put them in the appropriate grade level for their age.  In the first year parents can request the children be advanced or placed back one year as needed.

2.  If an arriving child is of high school age they have to go through a 4 year sequence of English classes.  So the school system will often place them in the 9th grade level (even if they are older) unless the student has excellent English skills.

3.  If an arriving student has completed their secondary education in their country of origin they no longer qualify to attend public school.  But documentation of this completed work is necessary.  These students can take advantage of  the GTCC English as a Second Language (ESL ) training programs.

3.   Arriving students can attend high school until they turn age 21.

4.  Students older than 21 have several options.

a.  If they are needing to finish a high school degree they can attend Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC), work on their English skills in an ESL class if necessary and then proceed on into the related General Equivalency Degree (GED) program to finish High School.

b.  ESL is offered at GTCC as part of the GED program.   They offer classes throughout most of the year with short breaks close to the college’s semester breaks.

c.   Students who have completed high school in their country of origin need to provide documentation and transcripts for evaluation by the school system or GTCC.  If their English is sufficient some of these students should be able to apply to attend college level courses.  GTCC will test them regarding Math, Reading and Writing.

d.  Students wishing to attend GTCC need to fill out a FAFSA form to see if they qualify for financial aide to pay for their education.   This is due in the spring.

If you have clarifying information or additional information please comment so that we can give a correct picture.

Myanmar Maps

I have noticed a lot of “hits” on my blog for people who wanted to look at maps for Myanmar (Burma).    Let me give you a suggestion on how you can do some of this look up yourself.

Open Google maps by clicking here.    Then in the top search box type  “Myanmar”.   Use the slider bar on the right to magnify a section of the map and also you can put your curser on the map and drag it to a better view.

On the upper right of the map image there is a button (box) that says “Map”, click on it to see a drawing.  Click again to see the satellite images overlaid with labels.

If you have a printer attached to your computer you can print what you see on the screen.

Here is a link to a tutorial on how to do this.

Touch Typing

You are probably using the computer more and more.  Not knowing how to type quickly can slow you down.

Learn how to type on the computer faster at this website.  When you get to this website, you don’t have to pay for anything, just begin doing the suggested exercises learning how to type without looking at the keyboard.

Craigslist: Shopping for cars, washers, etc.

Craigslist is a local listing of people (and dealers) selling used items.  I have used it to find a car to buy.  It also has a list of free items.  This is where I have found wash machines and driers for many of our Burmese families.  Here are some instructions to get started:

1.  Go to this link.  It will bring up the following screen.

I have circled some of the things I check when I use the site.  Appliances is where you look for washers and driers.  I have bought computers and printers under computers.  Check furniture for great deals as well.

3.  Next click on “cars and trucks”.  I will show you how to use this. Below is the next screen:

4.  Just click on “All Cars and Trucks”  for now.  Then the following screen will come up.

At the top of this screen you can enter the Brand and Model in the Search For box.  For instance Toyota Camry, or Honda Odyssy.

Then in the next line list the lowest amount you want to pay in “Min” and highest amount in the “Max” price boxes.

When you see a car you like you can either e-mail, phone or sometimes check the address and drive to see the car.   Make sure it is not to far away.   The Greensboro list can include cars as far away as 50 miles.

You can shop for other items:  furniture, appliances and computers in the same fashion.

Be careful using this website to not be deceived by liars and do not reveal personal information to anyone you do not know.