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Listen to the Bible in Burmese

I found this website where you can listen to the Bible in Burmese.  Click here to listen to Matthew Chapter 6 and navigate to this URL for much more:



Jesus Film in your Language

One of the initiatives of the Global Partners of the Wesleyan Church is to show the Jesus film throughout the world.  The Jesus film tells the true story of Jesus based on the gospel of Luke.    Click here to find links to watch the film in the following languages:  Burmese; the following Chin dialects: Asho, Falam, Haka, Mun, Paite, Tedim; the following Karen dialects:  Pwo, Pwo Eastern, Pwo Omkoi, Sgaw; Kayah; and Kayan.  I want to encourage resettled Burmese refugees to show this film to visiting friends by clicking on this link.

Here are some stories of the effects of the film after it was shown in areas of Burma.


Monk Becomes Enlightened: One of the older ladies who came to watch the JESUS film was a former Buddhist monk. She was no longer a monk and felt that she was a failure because she never could find enlightenment. She had never heard about Jesus Christ. When she heard about Him from our JESUS film team, she asked a lot of questions concerning Christian faith and was eventually converted to Christianity. She felt so happy and understood the difference between Buddhism and Christianity. She confessed in tears, “I have tried to practice and meditate for my future life in the wrong way. I could never get it. But now in Christ I found my Savior.”

Baptisms and Friendship Evangelism

By the grace of God 59 new believers were baptized through the ministry of Myanmar JFP within the last five months. Doors are open wide, and people are ready to receive the gospel, but the workers are few. A lot of prayer is needed.
During the water festival (commemorating Buddha’s birthday) when the JESUS film was shown, a Buddhist monk was convinced to learn more about Jesus. Unfortunately the news was spread out to the Buddhist leaders, and they forbid him to listen to Christian teachings. Later this young Buddhist monk came to our team members on his own and is studying more about Christianity. He has become a good friend to us. Pray for him that he will become a friend to Jesus.

Hot Water at the Well


When the heat became 110°F, all the wells in the area were dried up and our deep drilled well was the only water resource in that area. Everybody came to the well to get water. We asked people to watch the JESUS film before they drew water. Two weeks later we had two visitors investigate our ministry. After having a long interrogation with our team leaders, no one was arrested; instead, the team was allowed to continue showing the film as long as we give water to the people as we were doing.

Seven New Believers Baptized


A certain village had never seen the JESUS film, and when our JFP team showed the film, one older lady cried during the showing. The next day when our team members talked to her about Jesus Christ, she and her family had decided that they wanted to be Christians and were ready to be baptized. They will learn more about Jesus and will study for a while, then we will baptize them soon. The village council chairman asked our team to come back and show the film again.
We have seven new baptized believers at another village, and they are ready to join the church. More people have come to Christian services and have fellowship with us. One man told our team that he will send his son to our ministerial training school, Union Biblical Seminary, to study the Bible so that he can serve the Lord in his home village. We are hoping to have that boy at UBS.

Old Woman, New Hope


When our team showed the JESUS film in a village that had never seen it, one older lady cried during the show. The next day, when our team members talked to her about Jesus Christ, she and her family were ready to repent. After she learns more about Jesus and studies for a while, we will baptize them. The village council chairman asked our team to come back and show the film to them again.

The Resurrection of Christ

A friend posted this link on Facebook and I wanted to pass it on to you.  This tells a video story of a recently commissioned painting depicting the Resurrection of Christ.  Here is the URL, but just click above to see the video.

What’s the Difference

Pastor Rick Kavanaugh

Pastor Rick Kavanaugh

What difference does the virgin birth make to the Christian faith.  On Sunday, Pastor Rick Kavanaugh preached a message that delineated the reasons we so strongly affirm this Biblical truth.   When designer religions try to amalgamate Christian teaching into their own they are halted by the fact that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.   Jesus is God’s son, one of the Trinity.  He was the perfect being, good enough to become a sufficient sacrifice 33 years later.  I can’t begin to do this justice, click on this link to hear Pastor Rick spell this out.  All who wish to understand their Christian faith better, so that they can be effective witnesses with their Buddhist friends, need to listen to and study this sermon.  [You can get notes as well as audio of this sermon, dated December 21, 2008, just click on the menu item on the left side of the sermon page after you click on the link.]

Getting Started

David Housholder is a missionary and educator with Interserve USA. Housholder has lived in India, Thailand and Nepal for more than 20 years, working among Tibetan Buddhist people.  According to Housholder the best way to evangelize a Buddhist is to start off by being their friend.

“Really be a genuine friend; listen to their story and hear and understand what they mean when they use spiritual terms,” said the South Asia missionary.

He also recommended inviting Buddhist believers to Bible studies.

“One thing they respect is sacred books of other religions, which includes the Bible,” explained Housholder. “They often respond positively when you invite them to a study of the Bible.

“You should go not with the attitude of teaching them what you believe, but allow them to read and question and let the Holy Spirit cause them to fall in love with the Lord Jesus through the Scripture.”

Buddhists have a different understanding of spiritual terminology than Christians. Housholder said that Buddhists do not understand terms such as God, sin, new birth, salvation, heaven and hell the same way Christians understand them.

For Buddhists, there is no such thing as a soul, which Christians consider a person. Buddhists view the soul similar to a rainbow composed of many elements but not existing in a distinct form.

“The Buddhists have the concept of emptiness, there is no essential reality, whereas Christians believe there is something very concrete that God has created and a future in which He will extend the ideal form of that creation,” explained Housholder.

Buddhists contrast with Christians by focusing on how a person lives his life rather than what he believes. Consequentially, Buddhism is a ritualistic religion that some say is more of a lifestyle than a religion.

Housholder suggests that westerners have to be aware that though Buddhism is sometimes presented as a system of meditation to help one relax and feel fulfilled, Christians need to know the spiritual activity being promoted and be able to respond Biblically.

Interserve USA, a Christian professional mission organization,

Meet, My Friend Jesus

At the beginning of the ’90’s, Josh McDowell in Right From Wrong, wrote about the best Christian response to the religious pluralism we find in our society.   He suggested (anticipating a  post-2000 trend) that Christians start sharing their faith out of their relationship with God.  Because Buddhist or Moslem individuals may not accept the Bible as a starting point, Josh said that in our lifestyle we can display our relationship with God.  At the same time I would add that in forming a friendship (relationship) with a non-believer, we can introduce them to God. 

I am going to begin a series of posts on this blog that will help us to understand those who do not know God and help us introduce them to Jesus.  But right now we can start by forming a friendship with those who are arriving in High Point with out a knowledge of Christ as Savior.  These posts will  only  be listed on the “Meet My Friend Jesus” category on this blog.