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Welcome to the Triad, David Zawa

During this past week David Zawa arrived in High Point.  Over the next 2 months he will be processed by World Relief.   He is from the Mindat Chin Region of Myanmar.



Burmese people in country Profiles from Joshua Project

At our First Wesleyan Church in High Point, NC  We currently have the following Burmese people groups:

Karenni (Kayah):

Sgaw Karen:

Pwo Karen (eastern):

Paku Karen:

Hahka Chin:

Matu (Chin):

Falam Chin:

Tedim Chin:

Welcome to High Point, Peng Thu Lian

In the last few days Peng Thu Lian moved to High Point from Rockville, MD.  He is a single adult Chin man that joined us2013-12-22 13.08.23for worship on Sunday.  He lives on north Johnson Street near Peter and Mary.

Peng Len Thakbal Begins Sermon with a Prayer

Last Sunday faithful Peng Len brought the message.  He began his sermon with a prayer recorded on this video.

Peng Len's Prayer

Peng Len’s Prayer

Peter, Mary and David sing Praises to God!

DSC03041Check out this link to hear a song by this family on YouTube.   Peter, Mary and David have been in the US for about 1 year.

Welcome Tui Moe, Sui Him and David Thung

Kyaw Win’s brother and family just arrived this week.  Here is a picture of them at church this past Sunday morning.

Welcome them when you see them.


Sung Sung has arrived in High Point

Cung Pen Lian “Liana” has a sister who has arrived in High Point.  Her name is Sung, with a nickname of “Abor”.  She is fluent in English and arrived just this past weekend from the Chin State of Myanmar via Malaysia.  Welcome to America Sung.

Sung Sung 2

Ai David Zar Li came to America from Khumi

We want to welcome David who just arrived in High Point at the end of last week.  He is from the township of Paletwa in  the Chin region of Khumi.  He is the first person from this town located in the SW Chin State area that borders Bangladesh.    He shared his testimony in the Chin service yesterday.  He has come here ahead of his wife.  He has not seen his wife since 2007.   He also has one brother and several sisters still in Myanmar.    While he was in Malaysia he worked for 5 years as a welder and became a certified welder.  He will be part of a household of three men who live on Ardale Street.

2013-09-01 12.28.23

Evangelist Saw Van Zing Preaches in High Point

Today the Chin congregation were ministered to by Saw Van Zing.  She is a Chin evangelist who lives in Sidney Australia.

A church in Midland, TX brought her to the states.  Then she ministered in Dallas.  Next she went to Rochester, NY and then Glen Burnie, MD.  Today she was at our church and tomorrow she travels on to Kansas City.   It was a privilege to have her stop on her tour to minister to the FW Chin congregation.

2013-09-01 11.54.43

James just Got Here

This week a young man arrived from Myanmar.  His name is James Phun Lung.  He is married and hopes his wife can join him here soon.  He is Matupi Chin and is related to some of our folks.  He is a nephew of Thang Tlang and a cousin of Steven.  James’ father is a preacher in Burma.  He has two brothers who may come soon via Malaysia like he did.   James and I were able to talk together in English.   Marcia Jobe learned he had repaired air conditioners when he was in Malaysia.


Nu Nu and Al Ream

Nu Nu was in Maryland since January to help with Deborah’s education.  Here she is pictured with Al Ream.   Be sure and click through the links on Al Ream, she has traveled all over the United States praying for her fellow believers.

2013-06-23 13.56.04

Rosangpuia C. Finai led the Chin Burmese Service

Sunday the Chin Burmese congregation had guests from the Mizo Advent Church in the Tacoma, MD area.   Rosangpuia led the service and brought a DVD of a sermon by his father, Lal Ro Puia which the congregation watched.  The was projected on a big screen TV loaned by one of our families for the day.  Here is a picture of Rosangpuia (on the left) and his Christian brother, Lal P Thara (right).

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In the same night that Jesus was betrayed….

Last Sunday I had the privilege of preaching in the Chin Burmese service.   We had John 6 in six different translations.  We were just able to find the Mizo language translation on an Indian languages website.  We get the other Burmese language translations at this website.

This was Jesus’ body and drink sermon in Caperneum that followed the feeding of the multitude.   Pastor Cing [ching] very capably translated into the Burmese language.   The service ended with our celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  Below you will see me leading the service of the Euchrist.

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Men Thang, We’re Glad you came to America!

Sunday morning I met a Matupi Chin arrival who came to the Triad under2013-02-10 10.11.40-2 the auspices of the Greensboro office of the African Children’s Relief.   His name is Men Thang.  He has found a cluster of Matupi refugee town people that worship in our High Point fellowship.

Announcing the arrival of Kam Bik’s Family

In the middle of this past week Kam Bik, his wife Far Len Sung and sister-in-law Biak Tha Hnem arrived in High Point.  They are Hahka Chin and are from the same Burmese city as Cung Pen Lian.   They are living on south Elm in the same building as Kyaw Doh.    The refugees are always placed in a rental home with a one year lease by World Relief under the direction of Becky Carter.   Welcome to America Kam Bik family.  If you see him say hello, he understood some of my English.

DSC01118aNext Day:   Stopped by Kam Bik’s apartment today.   They lived in Malaysia since 2005 after fleeing the Hahka region of the Chin State of Burma.   Both Kam Bik and his Biak Tha Hnem were doing quite well understanding my English and they all will make great progress in the ESL classes at GTCC.

GTCC has just announced a college level English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program that was implemented with the January semester and taught by Paula Wilder.  Students who have been able to get started with college studies can take these courses for elective credit.

Kam Bik said that while he was in Malaysia, he worked for a Japanese company that manufactured cabinets which they sold in China and Hong Kong.